Illustration, Phography, Design, Animation, Motion Graphics

Creative Direction

I’ve spent the last few years running an ever-growing and changing art department at Mashable.

In that time, I have led a team that has built award-winning art across every platform that has waxed and waned from the internet’s cultural hive mind. From temporary tattoos and room-sized graphics, daily editorial illustrations and fully-animated short stories, we’ve created it all.

I’ve managed teams ranging from two to two dozen. Working with talented people to dream up ideas and build them from scratch is one of the things that excites me most. Here is just a handful of those hundreds of completed projects 

Editorial illustration

artwork covering all topics

by Bob Al-Greene + Vicky Leta + Ian Moore
Mashable Rebranding


+ motion

At Mashable, we’ve created hundreds of hours of animation and motion graphics; both horizontal and vertical. We’ve created animated series for both editorial and commercial projects.
Daily, the team creates Snapchat Discover editions for two different publications. 

PCMag Digital Edition

ZMG Branding

SXSW/Mashable Design
physical and digital designs for Mashable’s 2017/2018 SXSW House and parties

by Malik Yusuf, Alex Wood, James Dybvig, Peter Carlson, Loris Ravera, Vicky Leta


Bicycle Film Festival
print and digital design 

Te Ilum Theatre

posters, playbills, and promo material designs

Van Brunt Stillhouse

photo direction

Editorial Stories
photo direction

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